General Eco Tech

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General Eco Tech includes PET packaging belt with the biggest manufacturing plant in Bangladesh, located in Rupganj, Narayanganj. GET carries out and practices a comprehensive green policy with the intention to conserve environmental impact of its production.

• Our team of experts manage production operations to accommodate all relevant environmental regulations.
• As far as pollution is concerned, we control our manufacturing processes in an approach that conserves resources.
• We keep our machinery up to date and design them, to include energy efficiencies.
• We converge our environmental objectives by securing the responsible design of all our products.
• We reduce waste by utilising plastic materials wherever viable that can be recycled, and raw materials efficiently.
• We use appropriate raw materials which are environmentally certified and approved.
• We associate with vendors who practice and display strong environmental policies.
• The scrap material from our production is reprocessed for our utilisation.
• We efficiently utilise waste, time and money, by continuously encouraging the shipping of palletised unboxed products.
• We provide and ship your strapping order in a wire cage. Once it is utilised, we collect the cage containing the empty reels.