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Quality Assurance

Why Choose Us

General Eco Tech, has been incorporated in the year 2019. Located in Rupganj, Naryanganj, General Eco Tech boasts a 38,582 square foot of production facility, which is the biggest PET Packaging Straps manufacturing company in Bangladesh.

GET is a 100% export-oriented company with the best infrastructure to support all kinds of customer requirements. Our team of experts work together in an honest, equitable, ethical culture to execute the best opportunities for mutual benefit. 

Color: Green and Brown

Packaging Type: Roll

Strap Width: (12mm-25mm)


Material: Recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

Best Uses For Polyester Strapping

Polyester strapping is best used for rigid loads and helps to absorb impact during transit. It’s also a better alternative when you need higher initial tension to contain loads when compared to PP strapping.

– Metals
– Lumber
– Pallets of Bottles and Cans
– Bricks
– Tiles
– Excellent for stabilising and palletising heavy loads

Are you still Disappointed with these Packaging? Professional, Because we know you Better

Cardboard Box Poor Loading Capacity
Too Many Packages
The Heavy Boxes Are Difficult To Lift
Cracking Problems Related to Poor Quality Packaging Belt

Let our Team of Experts Manage your Packaging Solutions

The new Upgraded PET Packaging Belt

Ultimate tensile strength, small elongation, not easy to crack, good flexibility & wide range of applications.

Our products possess ultimate strength flexibilities, rust free and environment friendly attributes with wide range of applications for cardboard industry, steel, aluminum, pipes, building materials and ceramics field.

Products are Tested Professionally

Our Team of Experts Strictly Control the Quality of All Products

Product Parameters

PET Packaging Belt
Green / Brown
General Eco Tech Ltd.
As shown Below
Widely used for Metal, Aluminium, Fiber, Cotton, Building Materials etc, Strapping.
Green / Brown
Green / Brown
Green / Brown